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Monday, November 06, 2006

Yazd Discussion Forum Software version 3.0 Beta Release

We are excited to announce the beta release of Yazd Discussion Forum 3.0. This version has been in development for some time.

We have moved the project to a new website at http://www.forumsoftware.ca. Yazd discussion forum is distributed under the Apache license and is available to be downloaded for free.

There are number of changes available in this release. A complete list of changes are available on the website. The following are the highlights:

  • Ability to blacklist users
  • FCKeditor and file upload
  • New filters to remove javascripts and resize images
  • Online user list
  • Sticky Thread
  • Close a Thread
  • Move a thread to a different forum
  • Article discussions

We also issued security advisory for previous versions of Yazd discussion forum. Please visit the website to find out more about them.

Interesting Stats:
Yazd has been downloaded 18,969 times from SourceForge website.
Yazd website is visited by over 1,000 unique visitors on daily basis.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

SexStanding was launched

SexStanding was launched on Friday Oct 6, 2006 and it has been a great success. In the first 3 days of going live we had over 80 registered members without any external marketing or advertising.

SexStanding helps users answer the age old question: "who is better at sex?"

SexStanding is a website that allows a person to rate and be rated in a sexual encounter. The ranking is further processed and analyzed with other factors to provide an overall standing of the person in the system.

The site benefits from strict privacy policy and also it is focused to ensure the privacy of the users. During the registration we ask minimal personal questions and by default the number of sexual encounters, rating or partners are not published.

The site was designed to be user driven and the algorithm is published on the site to give equal opportunity to the users in order to enhance their standing in the system.

We are hoping that the viral nature of the website will allow it to grow to become an icon in younger and older generation. We have also provided tools like ranking button that would further increase the visibility of the user's standing and also website's branding.

There are new features and functionality that are scheduled for the second phase of the project.

You can visit http://www.sexstanding.com/ for further information.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New Changes to Farm Visit

The feedback that we have gotten from farms has directly contributed to the changes to Farm Visit ( http://www.farmvisit.com ).
As we have limited resources we could only contact number of farms and we only concentrated on the farms in California. Currently our site is configured so that it allows for searches for different list of produce in each State. The farms that have written to us have helped us provide better information to the public. We will still work with the farms to enhance this site to better represent them on the Internet.
Some of the changes that are worth mentioning are:

  • After consulting a few farms listed with us we decided to have "Farm Stay" added on our site for the list of attractions offered. We will have the "Farm Stay" listed also for the locations that are more focused on having a farm experience for their guests.
  • We have added categories to the list of produce, so that it makes it easier for people to search what they are looking for. Currently the categories include Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds, Squash and Trees.
  • We have also added a searching functionality for Farming Practices. The user can search for "Organic", "Naturally Grown" or "Conventional" farms.
  • We also added news area so that we can provide information about updates and changes about this site to the public and also the farmers.
  • We have also updated the PDF form that can be downloaded and filled by farms to be added to our search engine.

    If you have your farm listed on our site and there is any information that is not correct please write to us and let us know about it.
    There are more changes coming and we hope to have them implemented as they become available. We highly encourage the farms to write to us, call us or e-mail us. This site is intended to provide information about them and we do want to represent them accurately.
    A very major point that I also wish to mention is that we are not funded by the government or any State agencies, we currently are paying for this project from our own pockets. Therefore some of the features and updates might take longer to implement, but on the positive note, we do listen to farmers and directly implement features that makes sense to them and not because it would make financial sense.
  • Monday, September 04, 2006

    Starting our new blog to provide updates about the company

    I was sitting at a marketing seminar and one thing that the speaker mentioned was how some companies like Microsoft are very good at providing updates about their companies to the clients and public.
    As we have a newsletter which is our vehicle to keep our clients updated with changes about our software and services, we were not effectively reaching out to the public. We have started this blog in order to keep the blogging community update about our company.

    A little bio about our company:
    We are a small company based in Toronto, Canada. We initially started the company focused on computer consulting and providing solutions to our customers. We have started providing some software solutions like http://www.AdDispenser.com and http://www.NewsletterDispenser.com which have been a great success.
    We also started to provide number of websites with a focus on content targeted at the public directly:
    http://www.OntarioGardening.com is focused on providing gardening information to the Ontarians.
    http://www.IdealListing.ca is focused on providing real estate tools and search engine for Canada.
    http://www.IdealListing.com is focused on providing real estate tools and search engine for United States.
    http://www.FarmVisit.com is focused on providing a great tool for allowing the farms market themselves to the public in United States.
    http://www.GardeningShop.ca allows suppliers to sell their inventory on the Internet through this site. The suppliers need to have an agreement with Yasna Inc.

    Some of the things we are currently working on:
    We are working on providing news updates on our website at http://www.yasna.com, this would provide updates on all our services, websites and changes to them.
    We are currently working on updates for FarmVisit and hope to have them completed in the near future.
    Thank you for visiting our blog site and keep tuned for more updates and news.